The Bistro is the restaurant in the hotel named after Hermann Moe. He was a innovative chef and a owner for many years in Lyngskroa. 



Hermann Moe was the “father” of THE SEAWOOD SOUP – A soup that was alloyed / boulebaisse which contained seaweed.

Hermanns Bistro has from 40 to 60 seats, but can quickly expand to 130 people if needed.

Around the flames of “Hanging fireplace” in the bistro we can offer food from our a la carte menu.
The menu consists of local-style food, home cooking, but also international dishes are available, all with good drinks.

In addition, we can serve 190 different wines from our wine-cellar at Hermann’s Bistro.

We welcome you at the table and hope your stay will become you well!

“It is strongly advised that we celebrate our life while living»

Booking a table: + 47 777 1500 0 –