Activities with collaborators in the area

Snowscooter adventures


Glacier wandering

Top-trips to the Lyngen Alps

Paddle excursion on Signaldalselva

Mountain tours wandering

Activities in the hotel area

Get your fishing license in Signaldalelva

Lavvo and sauna w /serving

BBQ on the terrace or in the lavvos

“Northern Lights hunting” from our building with a glass roof

Wine tasting in the wine cellar (3,000 bottles)

“Candle-light dinner” with special menu served in the wine cellar

Other things to do


Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa can offer various events. We have very good food from Hermanns Bistro with capacity up to 130 seats, and we have a large wine menu.


Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa organizes conferences from 2-130 people.

The Nightclub

Our night club Lyngskroa “Klubben” is our new full renovated nightclub and is open from 22:00 to 03: 00 am on Saturdays if advertized, as well as catering and Christmas parties.